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Strategy when competing with large online retailers

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I'm managing a campaign for a name brand company that has their own ecommerce site, but they also license out their products to large retailers.  These retailers often have better offers/prices/shipping discounts (Amazon is a competitor).  Any advice for overcoming this in terms of campaign structure or overall strategy? (we're also trying to push the client to allow us to use a discount or some sort of offer to incentivise users).  I'd appreciate any suggestions, thanks!

Re: Strategy when competing with large online retailers

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To me, there is no need for a different strategy. Advertising is the same whether you are doing it against competitors with similar products or resellers of your own products, so the strategy is the same as with any other campaign. If you want people to click your ads, you have to give them an incentive to do so. Then, your landing page has to give them an incentive to buy from you, even if it's the same exact product. You must show that you are the better deal and that's not always price. Of course, you'll need to be different than competitors and your resellers.

It's not clear to me if the retailers are using PPC. If not, that should make your job a little easier as you should be the only ad for that product, the others selling similar products from other brands.

If they do use PPC, you could always have a clause that they can't use it too for this product. On the other hand, it could help you sell more, not directly but through your retailers. You could also do what one of my clients does and advertise the product they manufacture and direct any sales to a local retailer (it's a custom built item).