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Stopping computer clicks for mobile Click 2 Call Campaigns

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I run an adwords campaign where M-F our call center is open during regular business hours.  We service multiple states in the USA.

I only see a return when calls are routed through, clicks the my landing page convert to calls at about 2%, where as phone calls convert well over 50%.  So when I manage my campaigns my goal is to reduce computer & tablet clicks as much as possible.

I have my mobile adjustment to 300%.  But here are some additional confusions I have:

1 - Some KW's are profitable and I want to get over position 2 on mobile.  I can't do with without increasing my bids, so much so that I get a flow of computer clicks that end up costing me money.  What strategies can I use to prevent this?

2 - In a complex campaign I use flexible bidding strategies to manage bids.  I have been attempting to secure a position near the top page of mobile traffic.  To do so, using a flexible bidding strategy, I must base my bids off the first page estimate or the top page estimate.  Sometimes a stategy works well for certain KW's but poorly for others.  In an extreme case I have some KW with:

Estimated First Page Bid - $0.02
Estimated Top Page Bid - $8.00

Here's what really gets me!!!!!!  I need to rank on the top page for mobile in order to have a +ROI but with a 300% mobile bid adjustment I would need to bid $2.00 to rank on the first page.  This gives a flow of computer traffic I can't afford.

3 - Googles estimates for top page bid are positions 1, 2 & 3?  Is this correct?  But using mobile exclusivley aren't there only two ads shown in the top positions?  So if my objective is to secure a position > 2 on mobile devices do I have to overbid googles first page estimate?  Doesn't this further increase my computer and tablet traffic?  What strategies can I use to mitigate this problem?  What resources can you direct me to so I can learn more? 

4 - Bidding rules. I can set a bidding rule to increase my position if it falls below a certain point.  Although I am only interested in my position on mobile, but google only allows for this metric controlled through an average of my position on all devices.  Because how can I stop this from happening:

Case 1:
Desktop Avg. Position 8 - Impressions 100
Mobile Avg. Position 1.5 - Impressions 10
Avg. Position per google - around 7

Case 2:
Desktop Avg. Position 8 - Impressions 10
Mobile Avg. Position 1.5 - Impressions 100
Avg. Position per google - around 2

In this case I can't automate my bids per position. I can only manually look at each KW, go to the device outlook and conrol each bid individually.  For a complex campaign this is not possible.  What strategies can I use to manage this?  Is there something I am unaware of that could help me?

Very appreciative of all the help!!!


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Re: Stopping computer clicks for mobile Click 2 Call Campaigns

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Hi Clay, great question!


I think the first thing I'd ask is whether you've analysed your Conversion paths.  Could it be that at least some of the calls you get that convert were actually instigated by an earlier click from tablet or desktop?  Are you using Google Forwarding Numbers or any other call tracking system?  


The second thing I'd probably look at in your situation is why your landing page visits don't convert as well as phone calls.  I'd actually expect phone calls to be higher anyway - it's usually easier to land a sale when you've got a potential customer talking to good call centre staff - but that difference is huge.  Could you make any changes to your site to improve the landing page conversion rate?



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Re: Stopping computer clicks for mobile Click 2 Call Campaigns

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There's an alternative to paying more for your clicks. Google makes its money by the money you pay them for your clicks - each and every one of them.

Say you've got a position above a guy who's paying $20 for a click. Yet you're getting five times as many clicks as he is - so to be in the position above him (one higher ad rank) you need only pay $20.01 for those FIVE CLICKS. That's $4 a click.

That means if you improve your CTR, you won't need to pay $2 for a click, you'll be paying proportionately less. Do the math. Remember too, the market hasn't changed, you're just tempting it out from behind the bushes.

Use your imagination! Get clever and think of some witty, funny or downright stupid ads. And I mean outrageously silly. Believe me, you'll get clicks. Get creative, and see those click prices plummet!