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Static Page Content Vs Dynamic Keyword Insertion

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Hello All,


Hope you all are doing well.


I have a query regarding the dynamic keyword insertion in the landing page and which strategy will have better impact on increasing Keyword Quality Score


In our current scenario -


We have few keywords which are having low Quality Score (below 5). Hence, we want to increase the Quality Score for these keywords and want to optimize the landing page content for the same. Saying this -


1) Building a STATIC landing page with tightly optimized content pertaining to the keywords that were having low quality Scores will improve keyword Quality Scores




2) Display the keyword dynamically in the landing page by passing a parameter in the destination URL, will have better impact on QS?


Which would be better option


Also, do we have any impact with Dynamic Keyword Insertion in LP, as we need to pass keyword specific params in the destination URLs and this should be done for each and every keyword.


How Google reads these URLs? I mean, does Google read each and every keyword specific destination URLs with params in the destination URL attribute QS for respective keyword OR the default Content will be considered for measuring the keyword Quality Score?


Overall, what is the suggestible option?


Static page with optimized content specific to the theme/low quality score keywords OR Dynamic Keyword insertion?




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Re: Static Page Content Vs Dynamic Keyword Insertion

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The better option would be to increase the CTR (e.g. To have the KW trigger the ad and the ad clicked) CTR is the major component of QS and the dominant factor is QS calculation.
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Static Page Content Vs Dynamic Keyword Insertion

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Hi Shareef,

I'm in agreement with Moshe on this. Appearance of the keyword on the landing page has little to do with the relevance score of the page and the QS of the keyword.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Static Page Content Vs Dynamic Keyword Insertion

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Thank you Petebardo & Moshe,
I take your point and CTR is obviously the prime factor in QS. Thanks again for your time