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Split testing match type

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I have a stack of broad match kw's that perform ok, but I want to experiment with changing their match types to see if I can get a better ROI.


What is the best way to go about this?


I'm being cautious - as the kw's are very important to me, I currently make a satisfactory ROI on them.  I want to preserve the original kw's so if the new match types don't turn out to be better, I can easily revert and still achieve the original performance.


Any suggestions / advice / tips on potential pit falls etc will be most appreciated.





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Re: Split testing match type

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If this is an important KW - I would test the  performance of a different match type using a professional tool: Adwords campaign experiments;


Caution: closely follow the instructions, and run a "beta" test  using a different keyword (less significant), before the testing the keyword in question..

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