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Split Testing Re-targeting Frequency

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I have set up two remarketing buckets (A and B). 


Will setting up two campaigns (one for bucket A, and another for Bucket B) with different frequency caps be a reliable way to test?


What are some limitations I should be aware of?

For example:

1) If John get's placed into bucket B, then deletes his cookies and comes back to the site he could be placed into bucket A.

2) If John visits our site on mobile, he could be placed into bucket A. He then later returns to make a purchase from his desktop but was placed into bucket B.


Thanks for the help!


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Re: Split Testing Re-targeting Frequency

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Any statistical test you run / any hypothesis tested, assumes a "random reasonable user" who visits the site and behaves like any other "reasonable" user. This is fundamental in statistical sampling. So, if there are "smart users" , deleting / not allowing cookies their behavior would be taken into account within the statistical error;
So, I would recommend to consult with a statistician to find / determine the proper size of the remarketing list, to minimize the "margin of error"



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