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Spending more but getting less quality clicks / conversions. Reason ?

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Been running ads for many years, starting to see less results so we increased the budget, and even though got more clicks, by spending more, saw less quality conversions / contacting client.


Earlier in the year my client moved, could within state, but different address and phone number. Probably a factor for local search, but would this impact our adwords campaign in any way?


Appreciate any feedback


Jon ellman



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September 2015

Re: Spending more but getting less quality clicks / conversions. Reaso

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You'll have to dig into your analytics to find out why. Simply stating on this site that your conversions have decreased isn't giving ANY of us enough info to help you out.

Look at the pages that losing conversions, check the site speed, perhaps people are using different words to look for your product now, perhaps your site "looks" out of date and less reputable (try content experiments for this). Perhaps your prices are too high, check your competitors.

There are simply too many possibilities to help you pinpoint your problem here with the limited info you have givem.

Re: Spending more but getting less quality clicks / conversions. Reaso

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Thanks for the feedback. I understand the variables, so just to elaborate, in the last 3-5 months seen a decline, so I don't think it's the overall site design, although antiquated, I can't see such a drop-off. We've been running Adwords for Years!


They do custom work so no prices.


Looking at last 3 months, the same keywords seem to be targeted.


What I do notice is the COST of the Keywords tend to increase steadily each month, so that would explain less clicks.

However we increased the advertising to compensate, and got an anticipated higher click amount, but our conversions, either calls, emails, submissions is not inline.


In other words our cost per click tends to go up but our conversion rate goes down. Almost like some form of inflation!


Can you at least tell me does Google Local Search factor into Adwords in anyway ? Say the Business moved, would that cause a problem ??


Re: Spending more but getting less quality clicks / conversions. Reaso

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Many advertisers out there seem to think that their ads exist in a vaccuum. They do not. Things change. Sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. A positive for someone means a negative for someone else.


There are so many things that can affect your campaign, it could fill a book. Only a few of these do you have control over. If you are not testing new ads, start now. You are probably losing ground to a competitor. Maybe some of your keywords are not what they should be, which is what I suspect in part.