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Specific KeyWords Match Types x Conversion

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We learn that specific match types bring a better quality to the campaigns. If you have a better quality, you are probably going to pay less, print more, attract better customers and contacts, be placed above the competition... 


However, I have seen completely broad campaigns generating more sales and leads than after we changed the keywords to BMM, phrase, exact... forcing me to return, at least in part, the broadness that campaign once had.


And then I start to question if working with specific match types is really effective. It puzzles my mind, because all the data I see in AdW panel is worse when using broad keywords, yet, clients say they sell more and pay less per click for the same keyword that has the different match types.


What can you, AdW experts, say about it to enlighten me?

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Re: Specific KeyWords Match Types x Conversion

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Hello, Camila. I'd say it's the search terms you need to look at, not just the keywords. Suppose you sell "blue shoes" and you use "shoes" as keyword, in phrase match.

Everytime someone types "blue shoes" and converts, you'll say that "shoes" is a great keyword, in phrase (or even broad) match. However, if you move to [shoes] in exact match, that keyword will no longer trigger your ads when someone searches for "blue shoes".

The idea is to get the search terms as close as possible to the keywords, so you can:

a) bid differently
b) have the Quality Score of a keyword be updated every time the search term matches it exactly
c) prevent useless searches

So, in a nutshell, shed some light on the search terms and you'll see why certain keywords perform while others don't.
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Re: Specific KeyWords Match Types x Conversion

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I feel it is more like: if you have 300 broad keywords in a 5 years old campaign, Google itself segments it with a decent quality, which will give you a better result than changing everything to specific matches.

I also see the same applies to new campaigns. I wonder if Google is turning broad match into content segmentation. It just makes sense.