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Someone Please Explain This... ?

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The inconsistency within AdWords annoys me sometimes so I thought I'd share my findings with the community to help others and hopefully find some answers.


I have two keywords in an ad group. They are both using Broad Match Modifier. They both serve the same advert and should match the same search terms. They both have the same cpc bid. I've checked the incoming search term report and they are both serving for similar keywords. They both have the same landing page URL.


Now given that they have the same advert, same landing page, same cpc bid and match the same search terms I cannot understand why they have such wildly different CTR's - They have both been in the ad group for the same amount of time and running alongside each other.


Also, why has the keyword with a lower CTR, lower conversion rate and lower number of conversions got a higher quality score?


The keywords are:

+singer +xl400


+xl400 +singer



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Re: Someone Please Explain This... ?

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Unfortunately, I'm unable to resolve images here but what I would suggest is that you're basically using duplicate keywords. You're providing Google no real value in one keyword vs another.

The variation in stats, unfortunately is probably something that will not make sense considering that there is no real rhyme or reason to use two such keywords in the same ad group, one of these keywords will suffice.

Just my thoughts...

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Someone Please Explain This... ?

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My first guess , make a segmentation by Search Term Match Type . I think you will find that one of the variations has matched more times the exact match for which the QS is reported.


For example if people type more often [xl400 singer] you will get a higher CTR for this variation, and this dictates the QS of 8/10.


I would expect to find that the "Exact match" segment has a higher CTR for the second keyword.


Here is an unofficial explanation :


"Your keyword- level score is calculated by the performance of search queries that exactly match your keyword.  Therefore, your Quality Score will be the same for a keyword, regardless of match type."

Re: Someone Please Explain This... ?

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My thoughts are along the same line as Tommy's: Since you are using the same keyword in "reverse order", you don't  (really) know what calculation / formula Google uses,  if a KW duplication is found.

So,  all would be  speculations, and any "guess" could work...

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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