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Sofware bug ? Cannot exclude enabled placement

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What could be the reason for this : AdWords does not let me to exclude from the Ad Group a placement which is enabled and serves ads with no problems.

I want to exclude the placement because of high bounce rates detected with G. Analytics over 50 clicks with average 3 seconds visit as opposed to the other placements in the same ad group.


If the format of the placement allowed it to be added, the same format is not allowed to be excluded ?




Re: Sofware bug ? Cannot exclude enabled placement

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Hi Adrian,

I guessed this is a bug issue, cos I experienced the same issue as well and I have tried looking for solution but there seems to be no concrete solution to it. My advice for you is to re-login into your Adwords account and retry the process and If it does not work then contact your account manager to help look into it. I believe impossible is nothing.