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Size Variants Make a Difference?

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Hi all,


Does adding the size variants to your google merchant feed really make a difference? For example, if I am selling t-shirts and went ahead and added all the variants (from XS to XXX) into my merchant feed, would there be any difference (minor or significant) in the way users searched for my item in google?


I understand this might be a bit subjective and dependent on industry but I would like to know if it is worth taking the time to add so many variants.



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September 2015

Re: Size Variants Make a Difference?

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variant information for any product may help relevance with customers who
are searching for a specific item; variants may also allow google to present

the information in a wider variety of contexts -- such as targeted selections

within google-shopping.


variants are not required to be submitted -- but if any variant is submitted,

be certain the data submitted and the information presented on the website

adhere to all google's rules and policies; for example, identical item_group_id

values for all items within a variant group and at least one variant attribute

value that differs among all the items within the group.


otherwise, submitting any variant improperly can lower quality (relevance)

and is grounds for disapproval or suspension, at any time; generally, there

are more and stricter requirements for apparel variants than other types

of product variants.