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Sitelinke extensions

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Can Somebody help me to understand the difference in sitelinks and negative keywords at adgroup level and campaign level ?

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Hi Netx,
First of all sitelinks has nothing to do with negative keywords.To know more about sitelinks please visit following links.

If you add negative keywords at campaign level none of ads will trigger from that campaign and If you add keyword at ad group level no ads will trigger for that particular ad group on searching of that keyword(that you add as negative keyword).


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Just to introduce the usage of these here:

Sitelinks can be added at ad group level and campaign level.
Negative Keywords can be added at campaign,ad group and keyword's tab level.  


Now whilst sitelinks are ad extensions for better ad appearance( Sort of a feature to get more clicks),negative keywords are actual keywords that determines if your ads will show or not. Hence sitelinks will not be affected by negatives keywords, but negative keywords will affect keywords that can show your sitelinks.

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Just some additional information beyond the excellent information already given:

Sitelinks are basically mini- navigational links you create yourself that will expand your ad space. These site links will only appear if your Ad Rank is in position 1-2. The sitelinks not only give you more ad space but can help influence a Click by showing other closely related product pages, or more info on your company via the link you provide.

Negative keywords should be used in every ad group or campaign that uses any keyword match other then [Exact Match]. You can add Negative keyword to either the adgroup level or the entire campaign.

You should harvest negative keywords from your campaigns via the Keyword Match Query Report and via the analytics match keyword reports.  Match Search Query Report

It is always good to start out with a predetermine step of negative keywords that are closely related to your main keywords but do not define your objectives.


Negative keywords should include plurals and common misspellings as well.