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Similar Keywords - Ads Not Being Shown

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I have two ad groups in 1 campaign with 2 ads for each group.  Ads come & go on being shown as Google thinks there is a conflict between the two group's keywords.  Should I go ahead and put it all under one group?  I separated them thinking I would get a better CTR when people search for one term vs another and having the appropriate search term show up in the ad.  I know Google bolds Point of Sale Review when you search for POS Review (not vice versa though) but having the user see POS Review would produce a higher CTR right?  What should I do to fix this if I should keep them like they are.


Keywords in group 1 with ads using Point of Sale Review in ads:




Keywords in group 2 with ads using POS Review in ads:




If it helps, the ads under POS Review ad group are the ones that come & go on being shown, not under point of sale review.  All of this gets complicated and makes my head spin.


Thanks for your help!!



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Re: Similar Keywords - Ads Not Being Shown

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Hi Curtis S,

I'll be brief. You have too many broad match terms in both ad groups. Make them BMM or pause them and your ad groups will begin to straighten out.

Best of Luck!

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Re: Similar Keywords - Ads Not Being Shown

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If you want to restrict "POS" searches to your POS Ad Group and "Point of Sale" searches to your Point of Sale Ad Group, then you need to make use of Ad Group level negative keywords.


If you add "POS" as a negative phrase match keyword to the Point of Sale Ad Group, then that Ad Group's ads won't be triggered for any search that includes "POS."


Then add "point of sale" as a negative phrase match keyword to the POS Ad Group, to prevent searches using "point of sale" from triggering POS ads.


And, yes, you're correct that POS searches will probably perform better when they trigger ads that read "POS" and not "Point of Sale."  


(Since people using POS in their search are going to know what the abbreviation stands for, they may be equally receptive to POS and Point of Sale--you'd have to test to know for certain.  


On the other hand, people searching for Point of Sale are much less likely to find an ad with POS in it acceptable--when people bother to search with an abbreviation spelled out, they look for a matching ad.)

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Re: Similar Keywords - Ads Not Being Shown

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Hi Curtis,

As per the screenshot above for both Adgroup, you can have them in 1 AdGroup, you are repeating the same keywords using broad match, phrase match and exact match. Please use the keyword planner tool to get more ideas for keywords to target, you can find it under Tools and Analysis -> Keyword Planner.
You can also learn more about keyword best practices at the following links:


Re: Similar Keywords - Ads Not Being Shown

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Hi there;

Well...  Though Google does explain how similar keyword compete among themselves (see below),  experience shows that you rather  not  (in the first place) get into the  calculation "which keyword would trigger the ad?". A better approach would be to avoid  possible conflict;


There are several ways of doing so: by separating keywords into different  ad-groups, by match types:  or to have them all in one ad-group, and bid the highest on exact match and lowest on broad match. I, personally, prefer, the latter (i.e the "classic" one).


Read more:

How similar keywords match to search terms



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Re: Similar Keywords - Ads Not Being Shown

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Thanks for all the replies!  You have given me somethings to think about and correct.