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Should I split an ad group into several ones?

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I have recently created an AdWords Grant for my nonprofit.


Right now it shows poor performance.


I have created just two groups "Main" and "Donate". I did so, because I use the same keywords for all 17 ads in the "Main" group. Some ads in "Main" are pretty similar (for example, "Let's" vs "Let us" in ad title), but "Main" could be logically split into lesser groups with different landing pages.


Will it help the performance if I split "Main" into several groups (e.g. a separate group for every landing page)?

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Re: Should I split an ad group into several ones?

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Hey Victor, how are things?

As part os adwords best practices, always prefer and go for smaller but more focused groups.

The idea is to bind 3 things together: Keywords > Ads > Landing Page, so whenever you have smaller groups with specific keywords, you are able to create specific Ads and then direct the user to a specific Landing Page. This will definitely help the performance and relevancy.

One group with 17 ads is too many in my opinion. I always go from 2 up to 5 ads per group, no more then that.

Also, don't ever repeat a keyword with the same match type. You can have the same keyword over your group but with different match, but if you have duplicates there're the same, leave just one of them right away.

There're a few discussions with some tips and tricks that I think you should read, here are some of them:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Should I split an ad group into several ones?

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Keep in mind that there are a lot of AdWords Grant accounts out there, and lots of them are bidding on keywords related to donations. Because of the $2 bid limit, most advertisers can't get their ads to show.

The solution is to think outside of the box, as well as trying to get a Quality Score of 10. That means really appealing ads and a highly relevant landing page. Use ads that are showing for inspiration.