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Should I remove keywords with low QS?

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I have a simple question, just to get a better understanding of AdWords since I am still learning how everything works.


I have an ad group called "Winter Jacket". My ads are relevant, and I'm trying to see how to better optimize the keywords in the ad group.


My question is, for modified broad match, I have a keyword "+men +winter +jacket" with a QS of 10/10. I then have another keyword "+warmest +winter +jacket for +men", with a QS of 6.


If I remove the 2nd keyword with a QS of 6, would the "+men +winter +jacket" keyword still trigger the ad if the user is to search using the word "warmest" as well since the other words are present?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Should I remove keywords with low QS?

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Hi @Christopher B;

In BMM: all keywords must be part of the search query. 

Now, since QS is a relative score (based on performances of other advertisers for the same KW)  QS of 6 is an average.I would keep  the KW.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Should I remove keywords with low QS?

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So , my understanding is that you want to clean up the account by deleting longer tail BMM keywords which are covered by your shorter tail BMM keywords.


Yes the BMM keyword from 3 words +men +winter +jacket should trigger the search term warmest winter jacket for men, you can test this problem with the Ad Preview Tool.

If there is any problem like another keyword triggering this search term, or a negative keyword blocking it, the Ad Preview Tool will give you a diagnosis for the search term .


Keeping both similar BMM keywords in that ad group is useful if you want to bid more for the longer tail BMM keyword or if you want to separate traffic , by matching longer tail search terms to longer tail BMM keywords.

Re: Should I remove keywords with low QS?

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Hi @Christopher B,


as @MosheTLV and @Adrian B already answer your question, I would just advise not to take the QS as an exclusive criterion for decision.

If you have good conversion rates or even a very good CTR, the QS should not bother you. esspecially because QS is measured only on a daily basis and tomorrow it can be different.


Usually I pause KW with QS < 7 but always check conv. rates and CTR. 


Here you have one of many scripts to track QS daily