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Should I reduce my budget for branded terms?

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Currently, I'm bidding on several keywords that are in or related to my business, but I'm also bidding on my own branded terms (Like my company name or certain specific product names I carry).


Most of these keywords are only specific to my company and I'm aware that if I don't bid on them, my competitor will.


However, my conversions are primarily coming from these branded keywords as well as my costs. I already rank high for them in SEO (First place), but should I reduce the budget on these keywords or keep them?


I fear that I may lose out on potential customers if I reduce my budget, but I'm concerned that I'm paying for traffic that I might acquire anyways. 


Any insight or experience would be helpful!

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September 2015

Re: Should I reduce my budget for branded terms?

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Hello Jason,


there are many actions you can take and you have to test what works best for your business.


  1. Some people like to have Ads + good seo positions, because this way you can eliminate or move down your competitors.
  2. Some people only use their ads for search queries where they're are not on first or first two positons in seo.
  3. Some people decided to pause their branded campaigns and allocate the budget elsewhere, because in some cases it brings more value.

So like I said, try these several methods and stick to what works best for you.



Best regards,


Alex Ander

Re: Should I reduce my budget for branded terms?

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Thanks, Alex! I'll definitely look into these.