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Should I have to run separate campaigns?

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Hi, I am new to AdWords so sorry if I sound silly.


I am just confused whether I have to run different campaigns or use

Adgroups. I am planning to run it for several products like golf balls,

golf clubs etc. Should I have to run separate campaigns for balls and

clubs? and within products there are several brands I have to take care of. 


Since the destination URL for the balls and clubs have to be different

I have to run separate campaigns right? or is it possible to take the

customers to specific URL's for each keywords.


Please help thanks in advance.  



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Re: Should I have to run separate campaigns?

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Hi Raj,


First of All, No question is silly. So feel free to post any question in future without hesitation. We are here to help you.


There is no need to create separate campaigns for each product. There is a solution for effective use of destination URLs as well.


Let me explain you in detail:


Create Campaigns and Adgroups as below: 


1. Golf Balls (Campaign 1)

          a. Golf balls - brand 1 (Adgroup 1)

          b. Golf balls - brand 2 (Adgroup  2) 

          c. Golf balls - brand 2 (Adgroup  3)


1. Clubs (Campaign 2)

          a. Clubs - brand 1 (Adgroup 1)

          b. Clubs - brand 2 (Adgroup  2) 

          c. Clubs - brand 2 (Adgroup  3)

Regarding Destination URL's:
When ever you create a specific Ad Copies under particular Ad group, Mention the branded landing page as destination URL.
Note: Do not forget to add UTM code or activate the Auto Tagging to track performance of Balls and Clubs.
Let us know about the performance after you create and upload campaign.
Best Wishes,

Re: Should I have to run separate campaigns?

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Hello Raj,


In addition to what has been said above, I would like to add here that you should try and visualize your Adwords account in the way your website is structured. Once you do that, you shouldn't be facing any issues in creating campaigns, organizing the keywords, ad groups etc...


Also read this reference for more insights:


My 2 cents!


Re: Should I have to run separate campaigns?

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Thanks for the heads up guys....

Guess I have to do little more research before getting into it.

Thanks again, very much appreciated.

Re: Should I have to run separate campaigns?

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Hi Syed,

I ran the campaign this weekend, I think I did good enough for the first time. But it would be great if I can get your review on this.

It earned 209 Clicks and 4039 impressions. CTR is 5.17% Avg CPC is 20rs. The total cost came around 4000 and I got 3 Conversions out of it. Average position is 2.6 and the conversion rate is 1.44%.

I feel the conversion rate is low and the CPC is little high. Also what are the other metrics to evaluate the campaign, thanks.


Re: Should I have to run separate campaigns?

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I guess will start a separate post for the evaluation. Thank you so much guys.