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Should I choose a Search or Display campaign?

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Which campaign type is good for this?

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Re: Not sure which campaign type to choose my campaign

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It all depends upon what your prime objective is. Is it getting more leads or just branding of your product/service?


If you need direct results, Google Search network works the best where the online users are searching continuously online and take immediate action after clicking an ad.


If its branding which you are more concerned of, then go for the Google Display Network and create text ads, image ads promoting your brand name. Here the users are those who are regularly browsing the websites and Google might show ads to those users and they can click on it and take the required action.


Find more about Google Network here:



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Re: Not sure which campaign type to choose my campaign

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I would prefer you to choose Search Network Only Campaign first. First start acquiring visitors from Search Network.

To make your campaign Search Network Only, choose the Type of your Campaign as "Search Network Only".

For Search Network, Keywords are the key. If you have generic Keywords in place, you will be spending more on 1st time visitors (Generic Visitors - for branding it works). Start with Specific Keywords first if your aim is to acquire more customers than branding. For example, if you are running an inverter shop, I would prefer choosing "buy APC inverter" as my keyword instead of just "inverter". I would target those who already analyzed about inverter and decided to buy APC inverter.

Also use various keyword match types "exact", "phrase" and "Broad Match Modifier". Do not start with "Broad" match keywords if your aim is to acquire customers. How it works

Finally the structure of your campaign and adgroups for ROI. Do not just create a campaign and one Adgroup inside and include all your keywords and all your Ads Variations inside. This is not going to solve your problem. Have multiple specific Adgroups for specific keyword and specific Ad for every Adgroup reflecting your Keyword. And finally land them to specific page they are looking for. Do not land all users to your home page.

If you want to make use of Display Network Campaign, I would prefer you to go through the materials here and before you start with Display Network. First understand the concept of Display Network and then start spending. You may want to analyze the placements carefully using Display Planner.


Re: Should I choose a Search or Display campaign?

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