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Should I Rather Adjust My Bids Up or Rather Down

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I'm looking at the hour of day dimension and i'm wondering what exactly is bast practice

Up bid on the hours where I get more and higher conversion or downbid on those hours that are not doing so well.


Another question about this issue.


I see that some locations are better performing than others, Should i only play around with the hours bid adjustment or location or both since they're completely 2 different reports?


One more question

What is the best time frame that i should be looking at?


Please Advise


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Re: Should I Rather Adjust My Bids Up or Rather Down

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If particular locations are performing better then apply location bid adjustment(up) first. I don't recommend using ad scheduling until you have enough historical data.
You can also check the traffic with respect to device and then making device bid adjustment (up and down for better and bad performing respectively.

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Re: Should I Rather Adjust My Bids Up or Rather Down

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What Archit says is right.

How much data are you looking at? I.e how many clicks per day and how long has your account been running?

Adjust your bids based on locations first, before you start to adjust bids based on time of day. Increase bids in locations where conversion rates are better by 5 - 10% and see how that runs. If certain locations perform badly, you can also decrease the bids, or even exclude those locations, but make sure you have enough data to make that call.

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Re: Should I Rather Adjust My Bids Up or Rather Down

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The comments already made are spot on... here's why - if you don't have enough data to work with then the adjustments you might make will be based on unsound analysis.

As with all things "experimental", you need to isolate variables to measure their impact - at least initially.

Because it may be that things work better in the morning in one area and better in the afternoon in another... it may be that one area has more young families where the parents have more free time on the mornings whilst the kids are at school and the other has more golfing retirees who are out on the golf course in the mornings.... silly examples, but you get the point.

So you need to be able to isolate the factors one by one. To begin, which one seems to have the most impact - geo or time of day? Focus on that one to begin with.

And here's something else to consider..... I am sure that you, as with most advertisers, have a limited budget (as things improve, we are all happy to increase our budgets, but we have to get to the point where we are happy with the ROI before we do this). You should be looking to spend this where it is converting best. I tend to be ruthless when it comes to underperforming geo locations or times of the day. I either eliminate them entirely or put them into a kind of "feeder" campaign which will have a limited budget and I keep an eye on anything that might need to come out of there and move into its own campaign for more TLC and budget allocation.

We must remember that we are doing this to generate a return and unless I have budget left over after I've gotten all the top quality traffic I am not going to widen the net.