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Short and Long Keywords - Short Phrases blocking longer keywords

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I'm working on improving a large campaign with over 5,000 keywords/phrases.


My goal initially was to create a great deal of ad groups and organize the keywords along with relevant ads for the best quality score possible.


Now that I've partially done this, I am realizing that a bunch of keywords are being blocked by phrases in other ad groups that are only somewhat similar. For example, a keyword like "how to stop x x" is being blocked by the keyword "remedy for x x" - now I assumed that these are two very different keywords and this would not happen, but now it appears that is happening all over the place?


Is there something I can do to these shorter phrases so that they do not prevent me from advertising for the more specific ones? Right now, everything is set to broad match and I think this is harming me, but I am not entirely sure what the best method would be to deal with this.


Do I set the longer key phrases to exact match, or the shorter ones to a different type of matching? Again, I've got 5,000 + keywords so this is really a big issue for me.

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Re: Short and Long Keywords - Short Phrases blocking longer keywords

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Exact match and broad match modifier is your solution there.


In the example you gave, if you had the keyword '+remedy +x x', it would not prevent '+stop +x  x'.

I usually have Exact Match ad groups, and Broad and Phrase match ad groups separated, where I put the exact match keywords as cross negatives to prevent the broad and phrase match to trigger my exact match keywords.


Everything in Broad is usually not the way to go, or at least not the most careful.

Re: Short and Long Keywords - Short Phrases blocking longer keywords

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I think the main issue here is the Broad match type keywords which are using in majority. Due to this reason, your keywords might be overlapping with each other and the right keyword is no able to trigger the right ad for you.


I would suggest you to go through the Search Terms Report and identify the relevant/irrelevant traffic and also what kind of queries you are getting. Are they really worth or not? Include the negative keywords in order to prevent unwanted traffic to your ads.


You might have to include the embedded negative match type keywords at ad group level in order to trigger right ad for the right keyword.


It's better to shift towards phrase and exact match types. However if you want to expand more, include the broad match modifiers as well. Read this article to see how to create best keyword list.


For you since it's a long list of keywords, it's better to have the deep understanding of how keyword match types work and how you should choose the right match type for your business. Read this important article which explains how similar keyword with different match types work.


Hope that helps!


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Re: Short and Long Keywords - Short Phrases blocking longer keywords

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I will suggest your to use BMM instead of broad match. You can convert them in editor & then experting to excel. Also, you can make use of[negative keywords] to stop competing keywords from other adgroup.