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Shopping Ads - Colours and more pictures

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Hi Everyone,


Recently I have been going through competitors shopping ads and noticed that some are  able to show their products in the "shopping section" (not website) with more than one picture or also the option to show different colors (see attached picture as an example). What do I have to add/ change to show my shopping ads in the same kind of format?


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Shopping Ads - Colours and more pictures

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google is constantly experimenting with formats and display of shopping-ads;
there is no way to guarantee that items will show within a particular context.

that particular format is likely tied to variants --
to help improve the chances that google may show
items in the same similar format, be certain that
all variant rules, policies, and best-practices are
followed, for all submitted variants.

for example, be certain to verify that --

(a) only currently in stock, physical, inventory items are submitted;

(b) each physical item (variant) is submitted separately;

(c) all items in the variant-group have identical item_group_id values;

(d) all items in the variant-group have at least one variant
attribute value that is unique among all items in the group;

(e) as many variant attributes as possible are submitted --
including the item's size, color, pattern, and material;

(f) only valid variant attribute values are submitted -- and exactly
match the specific physical, in stock, inventory item being sold
and shipped, with only one value per attribute, that adhere to

all related rules and best-practices;

(f) each variant item has a matching image_link image that
exactly matches the color and pattern attribute values and
follows all google's rules and recommendations for images --
such as, 400x400 pixels or so, clear images, no promotional-text, etc.;

(g) each variant title follows the variant best-practices --
such as having a common-part and a variant-part that exactly
reflects the physical item and variant attributes submitted;

(h) the landing-page matches, and preselects, the variant item, exactly --
either via url-parameters and server-side scripts, or separate web-pages;


(i) only one, single, price with one, single, add-to-cart button, and

only one, single, item-offer, that exactly matches the physical

inventory item being sold, shipped, and submitted, is displayed

on the link landing-page;

(j) all such items match a product-group and have a competitive bid.


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