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Shared Library Negative Lists and Change History

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I added 60-70 negatives to my Campaign Level Negatives List in the Shared Library.


However, these additional changes are not showing up in the "Change History".  


Is this true?  Do Negatives added to the Shared Library Negatives Lists not make it into the Change History?  

Regards, Doug
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September 2015

Re: Shared Library Negative Lists and Change History

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Hi PPCBuilders,


Any changes you make to your negative keyword list will be reflected in all campaigns that use this negative keyword list.


But as the changes are happening through a List the changes are not recorded under Change History, thats my understanding.


Under the change type we have only Budget, CPC, Keyword, Status, Distribution, Targeting & Ad.


But no 'Lists'.


May be that is the reason remarketing list changes are also not shown under change history.