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Share your experience using the new Ad Words Shared Budget Feature

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Hi Everyone,


I enabled shared budgets in all my accounts soon after the feature was announced.  I've noticed that,  in the days since, it has not behaved as I expected.  Instead of devoting portions of one campaign's unused budget to another campaign it seemed to be sucking budget away from the small campaign and giving it all to the other, big campaign.  


I realize that this could be explained by supposing that the small campaign was not using it's full budget and so that was being re-allocated to the big campaign which was reaching it's limit.  


However,  before I enable shared budgets both campaigns were reaching their daily limit on a regular basis.  


Has anyone experienced something similar?  Can anyone shed some light on what the shared budgets feature is actually doing?



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September 2015

Re: Share your experience using the new Ad Words Shared Budget Feature

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Good afternoon.


I don't have a definitive answer, but I can make some half-educated guesses. Smiley Happy


You say that the shared budget isn't behaving the way you thought it would. It seems pretty clear to me that there was so much more traffic on your "big" campaign than you were servicing before that, when the "big" campaign was given access to the shared budget, it started spending it before the "small" campaign got its feet under it each day?


Also, I would say that, in my personal opinion, if both of the campaigns were spending their budgets before, there was no point in setting a shared budget. If it were me, I'd roll back the share so that the smaller campaign is allowed its share of traffic & clicks.


Hope that helps!  If it doesn't, or if I misunderstood what you were saying, please post again! 

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Re: Share your experience using the new Ad Words Shared Budget Feature

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Great question! A shared budget is a feature if you have a specific marketing budget in place to spend per day, but see fluctuations of daily spend within certain campaigns and aren't always hitting that total daily budget across your campaigns. In essence, a shared budget will automatically adjust the daily budget across your campaigns to try and ensure the total budget is hit, so that you don't have to make a adjustments. 


It seems as though your bigger budget campaign will be consuming it's budget earlier in the day, meaning that the shared budget is then utilising the smaller campaign budget later in the day. This is then reducing the available budget for the smaller campaign.


The Inside AdWords blog explains it nicely and can be found here:


As @Theresa_Zook states, if you're seeing a scenario where a larger campaign is consuming the (shared) budget of a smaller campaign, I'd consider splitting them out. Steps to do so are available here:


Let me know if you have any additional questions!