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Setting up Campaigns for Separate State Geotargeting

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If I have the same service for several states i.e. a disability attorney for states in the Southeast, would it be optimal to set up separate campaigns for each state?

For example:




South Carolina


Then have identical ad groups for each which would be targeting the same keywords, but targeted to each state.

florida disability attorney

georgia disability attorney

tennessee disability attorney


The advantage being that the Quality Score, ad copy, and landing pages could be better targeted to each state?


Am I on the right track with this strategy?




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Re: Setting up Campaigns for Separate State Geotargeting

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Hi Flagstonesm,


Welcome to the community...!


You are absolutely on the right track with this strategy.


Having separate state specific campaigns will help you to monitor & optimize each campaign closely.


And this will also help you to utilize your advertisng budget more effectively based on results from each state.



Re: Setting up Campaigns for Separate State Geotargeting

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As  suggested by "info", if you have the resources and time to tailor / customize campaigns for each location - the better.

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Re: Setting up Campaigns for Separate State Geotargeting

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Hi flagstonesm,


When setting up your state targetted campaigns, you do not need to include the state name itself in your keywords. That will really only limit the number of impressions you will get. The AdWords system is able to recognize locations within your target area. Let's say your exact match keyword is [disability attorney]. A search query of "disability attorney Atlanta" will trigger an impression for that keyword.


You'll need to decide if you want to include people outside the targeted area to see your ad. If so, select "include search intent", if not, select "within my region only".


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Setting up Campaigns for Separate State Geotargeting

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Thanks all for replying.

Pete, nice to encounter a fellow Head on my first post.Smiley Happy

I will be targeting about 7-10 states, so it will be of utmost importance to track on a state-to-state level. Therefore, I will be setting state-wide location parameters for each campaign.

I am glad you mentioned that including location keywords is unneccessary.

RE: selecting "include search intent". Could you explain a little further?

I don't want a disability attorney ad for Tennessee competing with the same ad for Alabama. Does that make sense?

I should have further elaborated that client's budget is somewhat limited, which was the reason that I wanted to set up campaigns for each state.


Re: Setting up Campaigns for Separate State Geotargeting

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Okay, so now wondering if this isn't the right solution after all.

The client is targeting 37 states with a limited budget of less than $1,600 per month. That's $53 per day.

That means I'd have 37 different campaigns with about 10 different ad groups per campaign and separate budgets for each.

Any suggestions on how to make this work?


Re: Setting up Campaigns for Separate State Geotargeting

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Hi flagstonesm, in this situation I'd say two things...


  1. As I suspect you're already thinking, there's not much point spreading $53 so thinly across so many Campaigns - in fact it may not even be possible to reach a single click per day if your CPC is more than $1.43.  Even if you can get a single click per day, it's going to be effectively useless.  Your Ad will be shown so infrequently you may as well not bother.  I'd argue quite strongly for concentrating this $53 per day in only one, maybe two regions so that you have a semi-decent budget.  Use this region as a test-bed to tune the Account, figure out the best Ad copy, best Keywords, etc. etc.  Then expand.  How do you expand?  That brings me to point 2..

  2. Adwords (in fact any advertising) should never really be about cost.  You should always work in terms of investment.  When you start the Campaign(s) in your test regions you will be monitoring conversions - valuable work received from the Campaigns and you will know what net profit Adwords is returning to you.  Once you've got your first region up and running properly you'll be able to use the profit from this one to start advertising in another, then another and so on.

It would probably be worthwhile looking at your existing data from Analytcis to break down which are your most successful current regions organically, i.e. which ones convert well now without advertising, then pick them to advertise.  Oddly, they may not turn out to be the best for Adwords, but it's as good a start as any.



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