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Setting bids per day of the week

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Hi everybody,


I was doing my monthly optimization when came up a question!

I would like to set up different bids per day of the week for one of my campaigns, so I selected 6 months of data... but when I compared with last month I don't have the same result. The fact is in 6 months, I improved pretty well my campaign, it can explains why I can find a difference.

If I choose 6months of datas the best day is Tuesday... If I choose last month the best day is thursday.


What do you think about that? Which period should I choose?




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Re: Setting bids per day of the week

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This is going to depend on the volume of conversions or sales you are talking about... I have a similar situation with a client - our best days were Mon & Tues until we increased the bids on these days and Wednesday stormed into the lead.

If the volumes are not high then any shift is unreliable and a couple of extra conversions will make a massive difference - a shift of 2 in 6 is not the same as 2 in 1,000

If on the other hand the volumes are high then a couple of percentage points can mean a lot of extra conversions...

We must be careful not to create a self fulfilling prophecy with bids - we bid more and higher on Wednesday and - what a surprise, Wednesday becomes our best day!

Why not increase your bids for both days if they are both outperforming other days of the week?

Re: Setting bids per day of the week

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Hi Monika G,

I'm mostly with Steve on this. I would look at different intervals. You've looked at 6 months and last month, have you looked at each month in the last 6 months? Does the performance by day of the week change every month? Is the difference significant? Can you repeat that performance?

If the differences are not significant, it could just be due to anomalies and, perhaps, not due to the day of the week at all.

Just my thoughts.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Setting bids per day of the week

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Hi @petebardo and @stickleback

If I had a deeper look on the stats, my main kPIs (in the order of value I give to them) are number of conversions, the CPA, the CR, the CTR and the average position.

For my campaign, I noticed that:
For 6 last months: Wednesday
Nov: Friday
Dec: Tuesday
Jan: Monday
Feb: Thursday
Mar: Wednesday
Apr: Wednesday

I think that I will go for Wednesday then.
And try it for a month. What do you think about that?
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Re: Setting bids per day of the week

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Let's think about this for a moment.... simply adding more budget to Wednesdays has no effect on the CPA, the CR, the CTR or the average position - the only thing that will be affected is the number of conversions since you're going to spend more money to get more visitors...

So which of these is performing better on Wednesdays? Or is it some kind of aggregate of all of them?

You see, there are relationships between these factors that impact on the results in and of themselves... for example, if you have a better CR you will have more conversions and a lower CPA... the average position may well be the last factor on your list, but may be the dominant factor in CTR - which in turn might well affect the CPA.. it's all related.

So to push more of your budget into Wednesdays just because Wednesdays have performed better for the past two months could be basing things on nothing more than coincidence. what will you do if May turns out to favour Fridays - that will bring Friday up to the same level as Wednesday with two months of the last 7?

I honestly think you are jumping the gun a little and you might over-optimise your campaigns.

I'd look for other reasons such as keywords and ad copy for good performance (not by days, but in general) and focus my attention on those... if you can improve your CPA across the week that's better in the long run that simply spending more of your budget on one day, surely.

Just my two cents....

Re: Setting bids per day of the week

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Hi @stickleback

Very very interesting point of view! I'll wait for more datas the next months and as you told me I'll stay focused my keywords strategy.
In the next months, I'll reconsider the datas with more significant information and I'll analyze it deeper

Thanks a lot to for your help!