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Set the budget per day, but still the amount spend is greater. Why so?

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To one of my campaigns the current balance credit left is £99.41.


Yesterday, I had made the changes to my budget per day from  £40.00/day to  £30.00/day because of some payment transfer issue & my credit balance is low. But on setting up the budget/day:  £30.00; my cost spend is: £30.45. Why this so? If I had set the budget/day to £30.00 then my cost spend is more (~ £0.45) then of that. Is there is any formula that we use it to calculate. 


& Secondly, my credit is £99.41 and want to run my ads continues for more 5-6 days. So, What budget should I set it to run my ads successfully? How we can calculate it exactly? 


Guys, Please advice!

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Re: Set the budget per day, but still the amount spend is greater. Why

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Hi Nancy,


On some days when the campaign is getting traffic, AdWords allows up to 20% more than the daily budget to be spent. This is called over delivery. However, please note that the campaign's monthly spend wouldn't be more than 30.4 x daily budget. More info on over delivery here.


You'll have to keep over delivery in mind while setting up the budget. If the campaign has to run for 5 days with a £99 credit, you'll have to set the daily budget to £16.5 or £17.


Hope that helps!


Good luck,


Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Set the budget per day, but still the amount spend is greater. Why

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Hi Nancy,


Even though you setup a daily budget, sometimes it may cost you a small amount more than your daily budget. According to Adwords, your campaign is spending more of your budget on days with higher Search traffic and less on days with lower traffic. Search traffic can fluctuate for several reasons: whether it's the weekend or weekday, or due to seasonality and holidays.


If you have a limited budget, then you need to think wisely and use it in a manner, where you can utilize it throughout the week. This can achieve using several methods. Try to concentrate on keywords and optimize them ( Take a decision about keywords with high cost per conversion, look into data and remove keywords that don't bring you conversions, try to optimize the quality score of your existing keywords, etc.), if you have a shared budget, try to allocate it separately. Because for limited budgets, better not to go with shared budgets. 


Without looking at your campaign(s), I am unable to give a proper answer, but try to apply above techniques and see. It should work. Also think of a daily budget you can allocate for five days. Get an idea about your total spent per day, per week using Google Adwords Traffic Estimator. Refer below given article, this may be useful to you.


Good Luck Smiley Happy