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Serious Problem with Expanded Text Ads - They're Completely Unusable

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Hey all,


Like most of us, I've been really excited recently about Expanded Text Ads giving us that little bit more space to work with in our Ad copy. Unfortunately, Google has basically ruined the format already by refusing to show the entire Ad text.


Example of desktop:



Notice the headline getting truncated.


Example of mobile:


Notice the description line, "Call Us Now To Start Your...".


What is the point of this new Ad type if my carefully written ads are getting truncated and not displaying the entire message?


The mobile ad is particularly bad, there's two whole words getting cut out of my ad copy! It's insane!


Can anyone shed some insight of why Google would be rendering their own service completely unusable?

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September 2016

Re: Serious Problem with Expanded Text Ads - They're Completely Unusable

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Hi Joe,

Google has acknowledged this and recommends using 33 characters at the most to ensure headlines are always fully shown.

Or, don't use any wide characters like W and M. And I'm guessing using less capital letters would work as well.

So ultimately the new ads do give you lots more space for ad copy (good), but if you use all of it, it might be truncated (bad).