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Seller Ratings Gone - How Long Does Google take to Crawl Review/Ratings Websites

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We lost the seller rating extension stars on our ads after the recent Google update which now requires a minimum of 30 four+ star ratings in the past 12 months. However we started cultivating seller reviews and ratings on various review websites after the update.


Right now we have over 20 reviews on Epinions plus some more on other review/ratings websites totalling over 30 now. However it's over a month now and Google has not yet crawled any of these new reviews and rating websites to populate seller ratings on Google Shopping and Seller Rating Extension on Google AdWords.


The CTR on our ads has gone down considerably affecting our sales. We really want to get these ratings back to improve our CTR and compete on Google AdWords.


Can someone please let me know how long does Google take to pull ratings and reviews from Epinions and similar websites? While doing a research we noticed that it's over a month since Google has pulled any reviews/ratings from the top rating sites (Epinions, Bizrate, PriceGrabber and so on). The only exception seems to be Google Checkout where reviews are updated on a daily basis on Google Shopping. Any idea!

Re: Seller Ratings Gone - How Long Does Google take to Crawl Review/Ratings Websites

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We have a similar issue with one of our clients. The lack of reviews has caused a large drop-off in conversion rates.


Historically, Google would crawl third party sites (e.g. bizrate) twice a month, but as you've noticed, they've dropped it, changed it etc.


You may want to jump on the Google Trusted Stores program. I believe their vision is to change over from external reviews to Google Trusted stores (and checkout).


Hope this helps.