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+Sell +House +Fast and [Sell House Fast] - Ad Not Showing

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I have a general question.  I have been setting up some campaigns but some ads aren't showing.  For example.


+Sell +House +Fast

[Sell House Fast]


The +Sell +House +Fast campaign ad does not show because it say's it is triggering the other [Sell House Fast] ad.  Why is this? The hope was that I could have both ad's running.  I want to cover scenarios as the following.  If someone types in.


Sell House Fast

Sell House Very Fast


Both ads get triggered.  The exact and broad modifier.


Any thoughts?

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October 2015

Re: +Sell +House +Fast and [Sell House Fast] - Ad Not Showing

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If I understand your question correctly, what you want to do is not possible. The AdWords system will only show one ad per account and only one ad per top-level domain on any single SERP.

Using the bubble tool, the result is based on exact match, so the exact match version gets the impression. But if you use the Ad Preview and Diagnostic tool, a query of 'sell house fast' should trigger the exact match, 'sell house very fast' should trigger the BMM.

Best of Luck!

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