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Segmentation for a account

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I am running a account in which I have 300 keywords. I did segment campaign according the location and match type for example.

my keywords are production house bangalore

                        production house chennai 

                        production house hydrabad.


I have segmented  my according the location and match type. like


bangalore-exact - all keywords match type exact and bid has to be have high 

bangalore-phrase - all keywords are in  phrase and bid low or leass from exact campaign.  

bangalore-broad. - all keywords are in braod and bid low from both  phrase and exact campaign

same all campaign I created  for other location as well.


 To prevent competition I took Exact positive keywords puts into phrase negative keywords match exact  

and phrase keywords as negative keywords in braod match type phrase. 


bangalore-exact +ve 

bangalore-phrase +ve -> negative exact

bangalore braod +ve -> phrase negative and exact 


Is it fine segementation of the campaign. Is there any suggestion from your end.  





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Re: Segmentation for a account

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Hi Azhar,

It's will really working well.
I would like to add one point regarding locations.
set your target location to your appropriate campaign and rest of include as negative.
eg. your Bangalore campaign
Targeted location : Bangalore
Negative Target location : Chennai, Hyderabad etc..

It will help you to correct targeting and avoid cross location.

Hope it will help!


Re: Segmentation for a account

Top Contributor
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Top Contributor

Hi ashark, think very carefully about why you are deliberately preventing AdWords from matching against certain keyword match types.  I know the process of including negative match types in the way you describe is popular, but it's not necessarily the best approach.  AdWords does have sophisticated automated systems for determining which Keyword should be used for a match when two or more could and by forcing the decision you may not be running your Campaign(s) as well as they could.



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Re: Segmentation for a account

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HI Azar,
The way you segment campaigns is very GOOD. And what tushar has suggested is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, adding location exclusions can help in preventing your ad from showing to audience in a particular part of location who have no access to your services/products. But, I would like to correct the tushar example...


hi tushar,

Here is your example; 

Eg; Your Banglore Campaign

Target Location; Bangalore

Negative Target Location; Chennai, Hyderabad etc...


When You are already set a target location as Bangalore, then why you need to set Chennai, Hyderabad as negative locations the regions that are outside of your target location.


Here is the line from Google I Would like to remind ...

'Location exclusion can alloow you to prevent your ad from showing location cetain parts of your targeted loction such as a region with in a country or a city with in a state...'


This is minor, but i take the pleasure to correct it. Let me know my point is correct or not...


Thanks and Regards,

John Paul


Re: Segmentation for a account

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Hi Jahn,

Good Observation,

I appreciate your point, but I would like to correct your point, as per Google concept.
Please check the below links which clears the idea about negative Location:-
all concept depend upon to options
1)Exclude people in, searching for, or viewing pages about my excluded locations
2)Exclude people in my excluded location

Hope it will helps... Smiley Happy

Re: Segmentation for a account

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Thank you Tushar. Its great ... I agree with your point.

Re: Segmentation for a account

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Dear all I never said I am using negative to cheenai and hydrabad. I am saying the campaign that I have created for bangalore same I segement my campaign for cheenai and hydrabad location.   


My segmentation are 

targetted location bangalore only 


bangalore-exact +ve 

bangalore-phrase +ve -> negative exact

bangalore broad +ve -> phrase negative and exact 


location i am targetting cheenai only 


cheenai-exact + positive keywords match type exact

cheenai phrase + postive keywords match type phrase annd negative keywords cheenai-exact 

cheenai broad + ve keywords match type broad and negative phrase and exact both 



shall I need to imporve anything in this account or in segmentation.  


Re: Segmentation for a account

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Cobnut I would like tell you a example. A keywords
production house I am using in same match type like exact phrase and broad. If i won't use as negative in each other campaign by some type it will trigger from broad or phrase and exact as well that has high quality score.
For kind your information. A keywords that broad and phrase always rank goes down as compare to exact.