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Second Page position 9-16?

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I don't want to pay for first page position, would be happy with second page but I don't know if google is showing for second page. All of my keywords say "Below First Page Bid" (All 2500) of them. I'm not really wanting to pay for first page position.

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Re: Second Page position 9-16?

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Hi there,

The "below first page bid" is a guide and not to be taken as gospel I'm afraid!

It sounds like it may be better to work out how much you will be willing to pay for each click rather than aiming for second page? there are too many variables that decide ad position to make an accurate bid for second page: Competition, ad text relevance, landing page relevance...etc.


Have a look at average position to see what position your keyword is appearing.

Personally id work out how much you can afford to spend on each click and bid to that. so work out site conversion rate, conversion value and average CPC.

Hope this helps.


Re: Second Page position 9-16?

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No worries, your ads are still showing up in other pages, it just say that your ads will not appear in the first page.

You can read more about First page bid estimates in the following URL:

Re: Second Page position 9-16?

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Good morning.


I would agree with Jack T on this issue. If you don't mind whether or not your ads are displayed on page one of the search results, then pay no attention to the average positioning metrics or the first page bid estimates.


Instead, figure how how much you can afford to pay for each conversion and how many clicks you'll get, on average, before a conversion is generated. That will tell you how much you can afford to bid for a click and that's what you should bid.



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