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Searching for the source of zero impressions

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I have a few keyword phrases at zero impressions and I'm not sure why, especially since each has been active for well over several weeks.  For comparison my other similarly constructed keywords received at least 1 click by 50 impressions.  The low performers have 0 to 10 impressions with an average position ranging from 1 to 2.4.  I based my Max CPC on the data from the Traffic Estimator with the intention of targeting an average position between 2 to 3.  The Quality scores range from 7 to 3.  I have the same QS range in my performing group, so I am surprised that some of my 7’s have a problem.  Also, the Traffic Estimator listed the competition for these phases as medium to low.

All ads are "eligible,” “showing" and “no problems.”

My performing keyword phrases are very similar in nature, but are not duplicates in any way.  I just cannot spot the difference between the non-performing keyword phrases and the similar performing phrases.

How can I determine if the issue is with the bid, etc.?  Are there keywords (other than those marked as “low search volume”) that will not generate impressions regardless of bid, ad construction, etc.?  And if these keywords will always be poor performers, what is the best way to deal with them?

Thanks for any pointers.


User Pankaj replied: 612239


Hi cblad,

First thing to notice would be the Quality Score of your low performing keywords. In case it is low or poor, it might happen that it doesn't enter the ad auction when some query is triggered by user online. 
Another reason could be the overlapping of your keywords. Do look for similar type keywords and it might happen that Google is triggering ad from the ad group which you never think of. To deal with that situation, use embedded negative match keywords. For example you want broad, phrase and exact matches do not interfere in between, use embedded negative matches. Like in phrase type use exact similar keyword as negative and in broad, use phrase similar keyword as negative. No need of negative in exact matches because it will only be triggered when the exact query is put in. That's my understanding.
Keep a watch on low performing keywords in terms of CTR and QS. If any keyword is continuously at low QS, its better to pause it, rather thank keeping for a long time. 
Try including new keywords with different match types and see how their QS and everything is.
At last, your ultimate goal is ROI. So until and unless your ROI is meeting, it will supersede all other factors in your account. Below are some references for more details that will help you.
Best of Luck!

Re: Searching for the source of zero impressions

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Similar keywords within another Ad Group or Campaign are most likely outbidding your own keywords. I would recommend downloading the Google AdWords Desktop Editor to help manage duplicate keywords. You can download your account, and then in the tools you can check for duplicate keywords. Good luck, hope that is the issue!