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Search terms report results

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Hi Everyone

Hope we are having a great Saturday (me included!)

Here is what I would like to know through your insightful views- whenever I check Search Term reports, it's getting increasing certain that in an ad-group majority of the search terms people type in their search, just a handful of keywords (in some cases just one) trigger Ads and the rest are served the leftovers! Question- is this due to my myopic vision or is more common occurrence? If yes, will choosing more closely knit keywords (exact and phrase match) would give the lesser keywords better chance to show in SERP? Or whatever you experts would like to share on this particular observation.


Thanks a million in advance, eager to hear your valuable remarks



Re: Search terms report results

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Hi Ritu.

I am not 100% what it is you are asking, but it sounds like one or two of your keywords in an ad group are getting all the impressions and the rest are not getting matched. Is this correct?

If so, it may be a case that you have set your keywords all to broad match and thus adwords is deciding for you which keyword best to match to the query. There are a number of ways you can control this if that is what you wish to do.

One way would be to have an ad group specifically for exact match or phrase match of your braod match keywords. You would then need to make these exact match keywords negatives in the braod match campaign (known as embedd negatives).

This way when a user types in the term exactly it will not match to a broad match term but to your exact match term.

Learn how adwords selects key words here:

Learn about match types here:

Hope this helps

Re: Search terms report results

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Hi Ritu P,


Have a good day! Based on your question is understood, you have a problem with keyword selection.


Choosing closely related keywords can always perform better but you have to take other factors like Bidding, Quality Score as well as Ad Rank. I would recommend you to read this resource on how to build a better keyword list effectively? . Number of keywords shown in Search Terms report is not a performance indicator of your campaigns. To learn how to measure the performance of keywords, refer here.


Hope this helps youSmiley Happy



Shafi Ahamed