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Search terms ranking

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My query is "Does the improvement in the ranking of Branded Search terms also improves the ranking of the equivalent non-branded search terms for the same campaign / account" ? 

For example : Branded Search Query : 3M Chemical Safety Goggles.

Non Branded Search Query : Chemical Safety Googles.



Aman Gupta

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Re: Search terms ranking

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Every impression instance generates it's own adrank (and quality score) equation per that query. If you have content for the specific brand (3M), then you may get a higher quality score ranking for that query, than if you don't have brand specific content on site (or are not an authorized retailer/distributor for that brand).

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Re: Search terms ranking

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Hi Aman,

A very important and excellent statement is given by @tomhalejr.
If you have content related to brand term on the landing page then only it will rank high as it will contribute in the relevancy.
If you are Brand owner for 3M but brand term is not available within your URL as well as the landing page content then it is not necessary that your ad will appear at the top for 3M.


Every keywords goes into its own auction and the one which is highly relevant to the user query wins the internal auction. 

Again complying all the elements of QS and your CPC bid as compared to the competitors which bidding on the same keyword, will determine your ad's position.


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