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I have a question unrelated to adwords.  How can I get my website listed on google, so that when a potential customer goes to google and enters "carpet cleaning, Tracy, CA" our website comes up.  We are listed on the map, but our website is NOT listed independently in search criteria

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Badged Google Partner

In order for you website to show up for "Organic Search Results", Non paid you website need to adhere and practice Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO consists of On site Factors in the structure, format, wording, content that is displayed on your website, SEO also consists of off site factors such as backlinking.

The art of SEO has plenty of information and disinformation around the web. Some resources if you are willing to attempt to learn in implement SEO yourself are and as two of the top trusted resources.

There are professionals as well that offer the service, but with any professional, you should at least know a little bit about the subject to ask the right questions and understand the ins and outs as well. So much has transpired in the world of SEO in the past few years, that many So called SEO's are clueless and can cause more harm then good. ( and I am a professional SEO).

Some tips you can implement immediately.
Work on your Title tags and ad the Keyword you are attempting to Rank. ie Carpet Cleaning Tracy CA.
Make sure you that your website talked about carpet cleaning and it us extremely clear that you are in Tracy Ca by using Schema Data, Markups, Add google maps, and Goople Places page information on your website.

Read the sites I mentioned or contact a professional that has references and experience. ( avoid the I can get your ranked for X ..BS....

Something else to read that is important - Google webmaster quidelines