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Search or Display network?

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Hello everyone, my business requires a potential customer to call me for further information.

My business is a service business, and the work is carried out at the customer home.

Should I be on both search and display networks or only one of them. Thank You.

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September 2015

Re: Search or Display network?

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Hey Bills4065,


It depends on your budget and your campaign goals.


The Display Network has a far greater reach, but acts less as a direct response outlet and more of a branding outlet. Not to say that if done properly, you cannot get awesome results because you can. However, if you are new to AdWords, I would suggest starting with the Search network.


The Search Network acts as more of a direct response outlet. For example, someone is searching on Google in order to find an answer to something. The search network is great in your instance, because you can provide a Click-to-Call extenion, which appends your phone number to the ad. 


I would definitely look into mobile device targeting, as your business relys on phone calls. If you don't have a mobile optimized site, you can tell AdWords to only show your phone number (rather than a link to your site) when an ad displays to mobile devices. 


Hope this helps.