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I run a fairly large account, (spend is 3-5 k daily)... in a very comptetive market...

My impression share hovers in the 45-60% ranges on basically every campaign...

I have a broad match campaign that has only one keyword in it, and on the goole network, my impression share is 72%... But on the search partners, it is less than 10%...


Outside of jacking my bids up, what can I do... and why would it be that way...



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September 2015

Re: Search Partners Impression Share

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Hi RockyMountain,


Chances are your complaints are caused by a specific scenario where competition for that particular keyword is more fierce on Search Partners than on Google Search. Since no one can help it, I'm sorry to tell you that unfortunately there is no specific cure to this diagnosis. Jacking up the bids or much rather increasing QS values are of course always good pieces of advice just that they are way too general ones to address the query. 


There's a very slight chance that your daily budget is too small for a higher IS and Google might be a bit favoring its own business. Anyway, I'd first try upping the budget and see what's happening.