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Search Network only Optimization

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Hi All,


Please I want to know if any of you has a steps how to optimize the Search Network Only campaign, for examples, adding negative keywords, ad extensions, when ??


How to increase the quality score?


Thank you.

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September 2015

Re: Search Network only Optimization

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Hi Zineb,

That is a very open-ended question with lots of different ways to go, but at a high level -


  • Make sure that your Keywords and Ads relate to each other.  Doing so will ensure that your Ads will seem relevant to searchers when they're searching for your products/services.
  • Add Negative Keywords, especially when using Broad and Phrase
  • Use different types of Extensions.  Extensions can raise your CTRs and make your Ads more helpful to searchers.
  • Focus on priority Keywords - make sure to spend your Budget on Keywords that convert well for you and are core to your business.
  • Test different Match Types - often times you'll see more efficient CPCs when you're using Exact Match.  All Match Types have a role in your Account and performance will vary by each one so be sure to test them all.
  • Make sure your driving traffic to your most targeted Landing Pages

One of the most important factors of Quality Score is going to be your CTR - so making sure that you have Negatives in place and well written Ad Copy should help with your CTRs.  


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