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Search Lost (IS) Rank in brand term groups

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Hi Adwords Community Guru


Questions for our official site, we encounter brand term groups lost in rank for 4 brands


A brand: brand term group SOV 60%, lost in rank 30%, lost in budget 10%

B brand: brand term group SOV 74%, lost in rank 25%, lost in budget 2% 

C brand: brand term group SOV 80%, lost in rank 8%, lost in budget 11% 

D brand: brand term group SOV 78%, lost in rank 20%, lost in budget 2% (ad position average 1.1-2.8)


Cause this is already our brand term group, how can we improve our SOV more effciently?


Thank you !!


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Search Lost (IS) Rank in brand term groups

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If you mean your own brand, then there are two reasons why your ads aren't showing due to ad rank:


1. You are below Google's minimum bid and there are no competitors

2. Your competitors ads are showing, and not yours


For both the primary solution is to increase bids. I certainly recommend raising bids and monitoring how this affects things, including looking at the search terms report to see any new queries you start showing for.


Improving Quality Score and adding negative keywords can also help.


If competitors can profit from bidding on your brand, you should be able to as well.