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Search Companion - Text Ads

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Hi everyone,

I have been running a SCM campaign for 1 month and it has been doing great.

Last week I realized that I only had been running image ads and decided to include some text ads in order to reach placements that weren't covered by image ads, and so I did.


What happened?


The whole campaign shrank at a glance.The number of conversions dropped drastically.


My first thought was that image ads were being replaced by the text ads but with its low CTR the overall conversion dropped. But the problem was bigger, the number of impressions dropped too.


So I paused the text ads and everything started to work properly again.


What the hell happened? Any idea?

Re: Search Companion - Text Ads

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Hi Match

Hope Budget was consumed in Ad text and Images never got the more opportunity to perform, which were performing good. Please check clicks, spend, Conversion rate and CPA for the two ads (text & Images). If you want to check text ads (or) new ad variation please do consider Experiment feature to control the ads according your preference.

Please refer this link:

Octos Team