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Script to Pause Multiple Campaigns when they reach a combined total monthly budget

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For one of my accounts there are multiple locations inside the account.  Each location has 4 campaigns.  These campaigns are named based off the location.  I am wondering if there is a script to pause these 4 campaigns once the total cost for all of these campaigns combined equals a monthly budget.


For example, the Dallas location has 4 campaigns.  Each of these campaigns spend a different amount of money throughout the month but once they reach a combined total budget, I want to automatically turn these 4 campaigns off.


Campaign-Dallas 1

Campaign-Dallas 2

Campaign-Dallas 3

Campaign-Dallas 4


Pause all 4 campaigns automatically once they spend a total of $1,000 for the month.


I do not want to use shared budgets because you can only set a daily budget for the campaigns.  I want to set a monthly budget.


I do not want to use the automated rules because this only applies to the individual campaign total spend and does not combined the total for all 4 campaigns.


If there is not a way to do this, please let me know.


Thank you,

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Script to Pause Multiple Campaigns when they reach a combined total monthly budget

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Hi Cody,

This is a common request. It can't be done using AdWords tools, so you do need a script. There are scripts out there that work for single campaigns or shared budgets. You might need a custom solution if you are looking at the overall spend of campaigns with separate budgets.