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Same city listed multiple times in dimensions tab

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Hi All, 


Trying to optimize by "user locations" under the dimensions tab.  I noticed that the same city is listed multiple times... any reason for this?  How do I interpret this data?  Do I just bundle it all together and count it as one?  


The data is conflicting - so I'm a bit unclear what to do with the data.  As you can see in this screen shot - I would like to delete the areas with 0% click through rate, but don't want to delete the one with 1.67% click through rate but I don't know how since they appear to be the same area.  



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Re: Same city listed multiple times in dimensions tab

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Hi Muskrat37,

It looks like you have added 'Ad group' column in the report.

So you will find same city listed under multiple ad groups.

Another reason can be the data coming under two different 'location types' (physical location & location of interest) (you need to add location type column - customize columns > level of detail >location type).

You can find more details about 'Location type' here -

Hope this helps,


Re: Same city listed multiple times in dimensions tab

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Hi Muskrat,

As Deepak said either you customize the Column and keep just the "City" column there to make it look simple.

Or Download the current report and use "MS Excel -Pivot Table" to consolidate and analyse the data.