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SEO and AdWords treatment of uniqueness of page content

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Besides making a difference to users, is 'uniqueness of page content' factored into Google’s:

1.) algorythms for organic search rankings, and,

2.) AdWords algorithms and metrics, like Quality Score?


For now, please leave aside discussions of "uniquness of keywords" and "unqiue content leads to unqiue keywords."



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Re: SEO and AdWords treatment of uniqueness of page content

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Hi Chris,


1 - I would say that unique content is important no matter what you are doing but we're not organic (SEO) specialists here.  Although, I feel like this is a pretty cut and dry situation.  Unique content is vital - if it's not your unique content, it's someone's original content right?  This question will receive much more detailed answers from the webmaster folks over at the Google Webmaster Forum.


2.  Yes definitely - you can read more about Landing Page Quality/Experience and Quality Score.  You'll notice Landing Page Quality is mentioned.  In reality, unique, original content = quality.


Hope this helps!



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: SEO and AdWords treatment of uniqueness of page content

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Hi Chris,


In answer to both your questions, 'uniqueness of page content' is most definitely factored for both organic and paid listings. You are penalized for duplicate content and rewarded for unique content.


For organic listings, Google will attempt to identify the authoritative source (the original source) of the document or text and, whenever possible, will show only that page in the organic listings.


For paid listings, Google will penalize duplicate content with a low Quality Score, meaning you will have to bid and pay more per-click.


Now, I am talking about duplicate content from other web sites. If you mean duplicate content on differrent landing pages of your own site, that's different.


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: SEO and AdWords treatment of uniqueness of page content

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Hi Guys,


Thanks for your replies.  They are fully understood. 


Check out this clarificataion:  My clients are private schools.  They all have websites with very similar site content. For example, site tabs are mostly the same:  Admissions, History, Athletics, GIving, etc.  And, their text content does little to differentiate their institituions.  


Schools understand that they must put forward a cirriculum and/or environment that is "distinct" (i.e. unique) compared with alternative choices down the street.  So, they have mottos, tag lines and logos that are unique but the remainder of the site (i.e. text content) is less so.  But the differences between schools are usually expressed in subtle ways .


Just a few schools will have resources to crank out fresh, unqiue content for their websites.  <--- I am wondering, how much of an argument can I make that they do more for the sake of SEO/paid search.  


And then, I am wondering how hard Google pushes its algorythms to recognize subtle differences found on private school's websites.  Can Google's algorythms really make a solid judgement about the uniqueness of one school versus another on the other side of town?