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Please i would like to get assistance on how to improve the quality score of my keywords, increase click through rate and at the same make sure my AD is relevant to the keywords i use in my search campaign. Thank you! 

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Hi Nneka


If you make sure that your ad is relevant to the search query, you will probably get a good CTR, which will improve your QS.

It´s pretty much that easy.

  • Include fewer keywords per ad group
  • Use more narrow keyword match types
  • Have 2 or more ads per ad group
  • Let ads rotate evenly to find out which one is better (judged by CTR and or CPC or conversion cost or ...)


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Hi Nneka,


Welcome to the Community!


There is no short and simple answer to your question and you may find many different opinions, variations and tips on ways to go about campaign optimization.  The key for optimization is to always keep in mind your overall advertising goals.  Every decision you make and every action you take should be based on your goals, budget and the performance indicators that are directly related to those goals.  The big immediate question is how are you determining the performance of your campaigns?  Do you have conversion tracking installed?  If not, this needs to be explored immediately.


Quality Score is a highly discussed and debated topic not only here on the AdWords Community but across the entire online advertising world. 


Here are a couple of great threads that may help you better understand Quality Score and what factors are taken into account when calculating:


Ingredients of the Quality Score sauce
Recipe to making the perfect Quality Score Sauce


IMO optimization can take place at many areas of AdWords but I'll give you quick overview:


I generally start at the keyword level:


- Are your keywords grouped into tight themed ad groups that allow for good ad relevance? 

- Review existing KW performance and determine if any KW are not performing to your standards. 

- Also use the Keyword Diagnostics to determine QS, Ad Relevance, Expected CTR and Landing Page Performance.

- Can you remove any non-performing KW? 

- Review Search Terms reports to find out not only ideas for new keywords but also ideas for improving KW performance by using varying keyword match types and also looking for terms that are not at all relevant to your campaigns to be removed from your campaigns and added as negative KW.


Once I get through the keyword organization and review, I then will move on to look at the ads.


- First I review current ad performance and eliminate/pause and poor performing ads and replace them with new ones where needed.

- Are my ads truly relevant to a user who is searching for my keywords?

- Am I using proper display URL's to further enhance my ads?

- Am I using a strong Call-to-Action in my current ads?

- If my keyword review has created new ad groups, I need to make sure to create some great ads that go along with my new ad groups.

- Can some new ads be added to any ad groups that will entice more clicks.


After reviewing ads, I then take a look at landing pages too. 


- What can I do to modify my landing pages to entice more conversions?

- Is my message completely clear and relevant yet inviting?

- Do I need more variations of my landing page(s) to allow my ad groups to remain relevant to the landing pages?


You can always review the numerous settings including: Location, Language and Geo-Targeting, CPC Bids, Daily Budgets as well as use of ad extensions too.


I guess I could go on forever but without more information about your specific account details, I cannot actually provide and specific recommendations for you.


There is a nice optimization flow chart that you can review found here


If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to come back and let us know.


Hope this helps!





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There are some really really good ideas here. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and ideas guys! 


Once you have got started with some of these points, you may also want to create a free Google Analytics account, which will help you find out how users are interacting with your site. This will give you a lot of data about how your website it faring (ie - the pages at which users leave your site and the ones they most frequently go to) and will help you optimise both your website and your campaigns a little further. 


This link will help you get started with Analytics.