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Run dynamic search ads & search campaign

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Hi all,

I have already search campaign for my two website one is doing very well but other is not performing well.


I want to create dynamic search ads for both website. can i create both campaign for each website ? if yes is there any chance that both campaign will compete each other?


For the website that is not perfoming well, I want to pause search campaign and want to run only DSA. 



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September 2015

Re: Run dynamic search ads & search campaign

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Hi Santosh,


Having a DSA Campaign along with a Search Campaign is not at all a bad idea. Will they conflict? In my experience, I haven't seen them affect performance adversely, rather they work together to increase the overall exposure.


But having said that, things depend also on the nature of business, advertising goal, and more importantly on website structure.


Not every website is a good fit for DSA. DSA needs a website which properly is themed into different categories, not just contents, but the website's links structure as well.


If you believe that your website is a good fit for DSA, an experiment won't be a bad idea at all. While your usual search campaign may be targeting the generic keywords, DSA can target specific pages more precisely.  


For instance, a website that sells mobile phones of different brands, a search campaign can target keywords like 'buy mobile phones', buy 'samsung phones online' etc. DSA is usually more prone to bring more exposure to specific pages. In the example above, it can be triggering ads for specific pages like 'buy samsung a7 online'.  


In short, using both these campaigns can make the strategy multi pronged by targeting both generic as well specific keywords, resulting in an increased exposure. Though, it depends a lot on website and advertising goal as well. 


My two cents. 


Ratan Jha



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