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i want to create a rule that will limit my campaign to a daily cap of 100 clicks. any help?



Thank you!

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Re: Rules

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Hey Maya, how are things?


I wouldn't go with Automated Rules for that. You'd need to create two rules: one for pausing the campaign once they reach 100 clicks, and another one to activate it again at the beginning of the day.


Although you can do that (with some issues, I'll talk about them later), personally, I'd go by adjusting your Daily Budget. By analyzing your average CPC, you can adjust your budget so that you'll get around 100 clicks per day. That way you won't have to worry and checking if your rules were activated, pausing and starting your campaigns every day and so on. Pausing and Activating your campaigns could also have impact on your campaign performance and historical data.


If you really want to create those rules, here is how:


Issues: Automated Rules can run Daily, Only Once, Weekly and Monthly, but the problem when selecting the "Daily" option, is that you need to define a specific time of the day in which the rule will run. So let's say you choose to run that rule at noon, if by at noon your campaign haven't reached 100 clicks, it will not pause. A workaround in that is to create several identical rules to check for the 100 clicks, each rule at different times, it worth it?


If really want to go with automated rules, just let us know.


Hope this helps.



Leandro Martinez


Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Rules

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Hi @Maya M as @leandrofm has already said, in this case I'd probably look for the simpler solution and limiting the budget may be one.



However, it's worth making sure that the click pattern doesn't change when you adjust the budget.  The results will vary by Campaign, but for some there could be a difference in click rates or patterns with different budgets.  Put simply, if your current budget is $500 and your average CPC is $1, you may not necessarily get 100 clicks with a budget of $100 and how much difference there is will depend upon the bidding strategies you're using and your unique Account situation.


Can I ask why you want to achieve this?  There may be other solutions if we can understand a little more of your objectives.



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