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Rotate Title

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How can I set ads to show different titles according to keywords?


I appreciate detailed answers



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Rotate Title

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Hi @Simab G,


This can be achieved using keyword Insertion.


But make sure that the dynamically inserted keyword in the headline does make sense.

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Rotate Title

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Hi Simab,


Well, you can use Dynamic Keyword Insertion, but you have to make sure that the title makes sense, otherwise the searcher might ignore your ad, thinking it's poorly written. What I'd recommend is to look at the top keywords in each ad group and create your ad(s) based on that. It's a matter of testing really, I don't think there's just one way to achieve it 100%; Google will always look to "fetch" what it thinks it is the best ad for that particular keyword, so the ad that you created might even not be the best at that particular time. just play around with it and see what results you get Smiley Happy.


Hope this is helpful to you.