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Review extensions not showing in ads

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Hi all,


Has anyone had difficulties getting your review extensions to actually gain impressions?


I have 10 approved reviews in my account that I added about 6 weeks ago. As far as I can tell, all factors should work in my favor - my ad rank for many keywords is very high, QS is overall very good, I use other types of extensions that all work fine. And, as I said, they're already approved by Adwords.


Yet - my review extensions get 0 impressions.


I talked to Adwords support several weeks ago, who suggested moving the extensions from the account level to the campaign level. I tried that, and gave it some time. No luck.


I'm out of ideas... these are great reviews that could potentially give a nice CTR boost, but they seem to be stuck in limbo. Has anyone been successful trying anything else?



Re: Review extensions not showing in ads

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Hey Wes, how are things?


Extensions are highly connected to what google calls Relevancy.


Even though the advertiser have several extensions, if Google determines that your ads/keyword/relevancy/QS for that specific query are not high enough, it tends to not to show the extensions.


Also, there're some extensions that will only work when you appear on the top 3 positions, so take a look you average position.


In think that you may have to optimize a little bit, create more tight ad groups, with specific ads for those keywords. Write Good ads, use negative keywords, use call-to-actions, use some offers & discounts & etc if you can. Use keywords match types and so many other things.


Google have a really great guide about best practice here:


Hope this helps.



Leandro Martinez


Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Review extensions not showing in ads

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Guys, I have the exact same problem. I used to work for a search marketing agency so my account is set up well with good QS etc. The other extensions show but not the review extensions, even though they're approved. Wes, did you work it out in the end?


Thanks in advance,

Alex Redfern


Review extensions not showing in ads

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Hi everyone

I am having this problem too in 2018. My review extensions are at campaign level

only 155 impressions this year ( 3 clicks and 1 conversion), whereas call out extensions have around 20,000 impressions each

Somebody in the community must have an answer . Perhaps Mr Google ads can help