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Restructuring inherited campaign

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Hello Everyone! Hope we are doing great. I am in a quandry over couple of structural aspects of a ppc campaign (womens Dresses) that I am working on. Its an inherited account with all data in decent health EXCEPT conversions!!


Question 1- Is it ok if one of the adgroups that has performed comparatively better than others to remake it into a campaignfor more flexibility?


Question 2- Is it apt to copy a campaign that is targeting say UK and target it to USA (landing pages are common, obvious changes dealt with)..will that lead to duplicacy  of sorts or anything?Any suggestion/help/tips are  welcomed with Red Carpet! 


Just briefly, the campaign has a huge list of keywords and search terms of 80K, what is the best way to pick keywords while I make adjustments, in my quest to improve the Campaign, thats why client has changed manager afterall.

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September 2015

Re: Restructuring inherited campaign

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Hi Ajay,


Thanks for your post! 


1. Yes - it is ok to create a standalone campaign for an ad group that is performing well. This will allow you to make the most of certain campaign level features (e.g. it would be possible to allocate a certain amount of budget to the new campaign). However, I would recommend pausing the existing ad group so that you have the option to re-enable it at a later date if you wish to. 


2. Again, yes - it is ok to have two campaigns, one targeting the UK and one targeting the USA. It would also be possible to have one campaign targeting both countries, but again, if you would like to allocate a certain amount of budget to the USA and a certain amount of budget to the UK, or if you would like to use ad scheduling in the different time zones, it might be better to have them in two separate campaigns. 


3. Choosing better performing keywords depends on a number of factors - volume (clicks/impressions), CTR, average CPC, average position, conversions. I would recommend looking at all of those when determining which keywords are performing well. 


I hope this helps! 

Re: Restructuring inherited campaign

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Thanks a lot Rachel for answering my questions, appreciate your help. And yes, the answers certainly helped much. Bye for now