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Report with campaign of maxed budget

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Is there an easy way to check which campaigns are still running at a given moment, or if their daily budget is maxed?


And is there a way to create a report which visualize the actual spend against the daily budget?

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September 2015

Re: Report with campaign of maxed budget

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Hi, I'm assuming you're looking for an automated solution and are already aware that the Campaign Bid Simulator does a pretty good job of such a visualisation, albeit manually triggered.


I think you'd need to look at using Scripts to do this.  You can set up Automated Rules to check the cost of a set or specific Campaign but you can't actually compare the cost to the budget, only to a specific value.  Automated Rules aren't really intended to run very frequently so may not be that useful.  They may be worth looking at though, depending on your purpose.


Scripts would allow you to examine the spend of any/all Campaigns and compare that to their budget (I think) and could be scheduled to run as often as you like so may be more appropriate.


However, bear in mind that AdWords reporting is not real time so you couldn't use Scripts reliably to track "at a given moment" because your spend is likely to be higher than actually reported.


If all you're looking for is a way to plot this data historically, then I'd be inclined to download reports Dimensioned by Day and then manipulate that data in your favourite spreadsheet program.  Depending upon your skills with Scripts, you could probably push this data to a Google Docs spreadsheet automatically.



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