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Report Tool to Total Conversions By Search Term Individual Words?

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I'm wondering if there is a tool out there (most likely 3rd party) that would take a search term report and then tally the number of conversions for each individual word appearing in the report.


So for example you might have the keywords (conversions):


"blue widget"  (1)

"red widget" (0)

"widget cost" (0)

"blue widget cost" (1)

"red widget cost" (0)


So the report would look like:


blue (2)

red (0)

widget (2)

cost (1)


This report would be useful in identifying "hot" words and "cold" words (possibly ripe for adding to negative keyword list).


Re: Report Tool to Total Conversions By Search Term Individual Words?

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I don't know about a third party tool that specifically does that, but you could easily do it in Excel.


The formula basically looks for blue, red, widget, or cost in the keyword and then puts the number of conversions for that search term in the column. The columns are then totaled for each word.


Imagine your search term and conversions in columns A/B respectively. This formula would go in column C. It accounts for any search terms with "blue. You would then place it in column D and change "blue" in the formula to "red", column E would be "widget", and column F would be "cost". You would continue on for however many keywords you want to search for.